A fan fic story based on SB''s Mason and Julia

I want a white Christmas, Samantha said once when it was two weeks to the holidays.

Julia looked at Mason.

There would be no snow in Santa Barbara, there had never been, at least during Masons lifetime. And the firm of Capwell&Capwell was having an extremely busy time.

Mason shrugged his shoulders.

Honey, we wont have a white Christmas here in Santa Barbara, said Julia ruefully. And you dont want to go for Christmas away from here, do you? Not when your grandparents, and your aunties, and your uncles all go out of their way to lavish you with presents and--

I do, Samantha said. I want a white Christmas so much, with snow. I want to make a snowman, mom.

We can do it, Mason said.

Can we? asked Julia doubtfully.

Yes, we can. If Samantha wants it.

Samantha flew onto Masons neck, Oh daddy! I love you.
Julia smiled. She was the strict parent, Mason the lenient one. He could never resist it when Samantha pouted or looked at him in her special entreating way and asked him for anything.

Hed get anything for her, and he would do anything for her. Anything at all. Hed laid himself out to get whatever her heart desired.

Who would have thought hed make such a doting father, Julia thought. The dark, self-centered man who once had been ready to impregnate her and stay away from the result of the baby contract!

Julia leant and kissed Mason. I love you too, daddy, she said.


Mason hired a little house in the mountains where there was enough snow for Samantha around. The house looked like one in a snow globe; thats what Samantha said the moment she saw it, and clapped her hands.

It sure does, Julia agreed enthusiastically. Mason, I hope we wont get stuck here the way we did once with Victoria--

Mason glared at her. Ive taken every precaution, he said coldly. Taking no chances now that Samanthas with us, Julia.

I know. I am sorry. She turned to the girl. Are you happy?
Samanthas cheeks were red, her whole face lit up; quite rewarding.

Yes, mummy, she said. Ill be able to see the reindeers traces on the snow now.

Now, how was Mason going to conjure THIS up, Julia wondered.

He did look puzzled. Ah Im not sure, Samantha. Dont you know they just come flying sometimes and then Santa would get down the flue?

Samanthas face mirrored her fathers mien. Mummy? she said.
Mummy? Mason echoed, turning to Julia for help.

Yes, honey; I dont think that is daddys right. You remember your pictures, the reindeer flying across the sky full of stars, right?

But will there be jingle bells?

Yes Yes, Mason and Julia said, relieved. This was so much easier.

So I WILL know when Kris Kringle comes?

Wont you be sleeping then? Mason frowned.

I hope not, Samantha confessed. Youve seen him; why cant I?

Mason and Julia exchanged worried glances. Neither of them had ever mentioned meeting Kris to anyone, least of all Samantha; they felt she was too small yet. They had no idea who could have put the idea into her head.

Why should you say that? asked Mason cautiously. Did Mrs. Cobb tell you that one can meet--

Samantha shrugged it off. No no ones told me. I just know. Its because well you have met him, daddy, you have, havent you?

Mason and Julias policy was to never lie to their child. Dodging questions was another thing, and Mason was an expert at this, but this time he did not resort to it.

We have, he said reluctantly. But we met him when we were grown-up already, Samantha. When children, we never saw him.

Why? the girl pouted.

We were sleeping every time he came and left the presents, Julia seconded.

Ill try not to, Samantha decided and started for the house.
Julia caught Masons hand and squeezed it; they followed their daughter.


There was an adorable little pine tree at the back of the house. Samantha demanded it to be cut and moved inside, but Julia said it was better to decorate it right there; this way, if they came the next year, the tree would be alive and happy to see them again.

Mason made a fire downstairs and made sure the bedrooms upstairs were warm, too. They had dinner, and then went out to decorate the tree.

And dont forget the snowman, Samantha said bouncing with excitement.

When they were done, the snowman looked half-alive in the multi-colored light streaming from the branches of the Christmas tree. Gleaming in the night, it looked magic.

And Samantha could hardly keep her eyes open.

Mason took the drowsy child in his arms. Ill take her upstairs.

Ill undress her? Julia said.

Let me do it.

Oh daddy, I cant go to bed, Samantha argued in whispers as he was carrying her in his arms.


I I just cant! I wont see Kris if I do!

Mason smiled into his own beard. Well, Samantha, children are supposed to be sleeping when Santa comes. Sometimes, if they manage to wait up the whole night he does not come at all, because he does not like naughty children, you know.

Samantha fell silent, and Mason thought she was asleep. He undressed her and tucked her in cozily.

The tree could be seen out of her window, and when Mason looked out it seemed to him the snowman looked up at him, too. Mason waved his hand; a good thing no one saw him.

Daddy, Samanthas voice said, thick with sleepiness.


Will you stay here?

No, Ill go downstairs and join mummy. Well chat for a while, sitting by the fire, and then well occupy the bedroom next to your room for the rest of the night.

Uh-huh, Samantha said. But if I do not see Kris now, it means another year without--

Without--? What is it you have to do without? said Mason softly.

Had he been inattentive to her spoken or unspoken wishes? The car was full of presents the girl was to find under the tree in the morning; what was left out, he wondered.

Samantha did not say anything. This time she was sleeping.
Frowning, Mason went downstairs.


She said if she did not see Kris this year, it would mean another whole year without. Without what! Mason exclaimed.

I wish I knew, honey. Its the first time I heard about it.

If she wants something so much, and its evident she wants it VERY much, if she has dragged us here--

She did not have to DRAG, one word to her daddy was enough, Julia smiled.

So why did not she tell ME what it is she wants so badly!!
Julia smiled to herself. Do not get so distraught, Mason. Maybe its a dream that will soon wear off. I remember, when a child once I wanted to have a live turtle wanted it really badly for about a fortnight. Then I forgot about it, and if they had given me a turtle in a month or so I would have had absolutely no idea what to do with it, or why--

Its different, Julia, Mason said. She wants something for Christmas and she would not even hint. She knows wed get her anything almost anything, and I think she really knows how to drop hints here and there. But this time she keeps it secret. I have no idea--

Ok, when we find out, we can get it. What difference does it make if its past Christmas? We can talk to Sophia or Augusta or Cruz and Eden, and they will tell Samantha Santa thought she was still in Santa Barbara and left this something there for her.

A good idea, Mason said. Come here.

What is it? Julia said raising her head. MISTLETOE?

Looks like this. Do you know what we have to do now as I happen to be standing right under it?

I do, she said clinging to him, and I know how romantic you can be but, Mason, even I have never thought youd hang mistletoe--

What do you mean? he raised his eyebrow. I have done nothing of the sort. I thought you did when I was up with Samantha.

No! Julia laughed.

You mean it''s been here all the time?


And we have not seen it before?


Then we have to rectify this.

Mason kissed his wife full on the lips. She returned the kiss.

Its a good thing you must kiss under the mistletoe.


I mean its a good thing you are not obliged to do MORE under the mistletoe.

Mason took a step back. Why? Wouldnt you like some MORE?

Julia laughed. Of course I would of course I do. Only by the fireplace its so much cozier, dont you think?

They moved on.


And, without knowing this, they made the decisive step to gratifying Samanthas wish.

The wish for a little brother or sister.

May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white.

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