(dedicated to Lori, for her ultimate support)

An attraction of minds can give rise to respect. Well, this they had; whatever choice names theyd call each other, both inside and outside the courtroom, they still had it, no denying the fact.
An attraction of bodies can give rise to passion. Call it lust, or call it sex. Funny, in their case it all started with the mind (so the order in which its getting arranged here is correct, after all). Who had ever thought of regulating things like this by a contract! The sizzling, the smoldering, the burning to ashes passion came later. In the beginning it was all about bringing a new life to the world. Intriguing, this priority.
An attraction of hearts can give rise to friendship. This one was something they had to really fight for, with each other and with themselves, against their own fears and false resolutions. But it was friendship all right, even then, even that early; with mutual support, with the caring. That surprisingly gentle caring.

The man was astonishingly complex. So handsome, so witty, so sensitive that he had to be defending himself with the shield of his irony and cynicism, and when those failed to be deadening the pain with the help of alcohol. The early abandonment by his mother and the treatment he had been getting from his father all his life did not even start to explain this complexity. Self-centered, vindictive, conceited proud touchy. How kindly and understanding he could be, how noble and self-sacrificing. He was all too ready for rejection, and he oh so readily believed he was not worth loving. After the rearing hed got, he was willing to do his best being a father, and he thought his best would be staying as far from the child as possible.
The woman was vulnerable. Once bit, twice shy. Hardly able to trust, always awaiting a dirty trick. A stretched spring. So willing to love and be loved in return but never more volunteering to take chances. This time it was to be forever and for real. With a child, not with a man not any more. Well, the womans personality was not simpler than the mans. They were both pretty much scarred. And scared.

Ok, so only a combination of these three kinds of attraction can, mind you, CAN but does not always, give rise to love.
And the baby soul choosing the new parents just wouldnt agree to anything less than love.

The man was intriguing. It was a challenge to come into the world in order to teach the man that one cannot do ones best just staying away. To teach him love can be unconditional. To let him feel he was lovable after all, and to give him something worth living for, something worth fighting for, something worth reforming for.
The woman was just so ready to be a mother, the baby soul really wanted to descend right into her waiting arms. She was the kind of woman whod go any length for her baby. If just to support her in this aggressive world, the baby soul decided it would turn out a girl this time.
Both the man and the woman wanted the baby very much. They loved the baby already, even before it was conceived, thats for sure. That should have been enough, but that was not for the baby soul.
It knew it would not agree to come down unless they made love, not had sex.
It was all about love.
A hard task! The baby soul waited long enough for the man and the woman to really connect. Almost too long. Well all the three of them almost blew it: as much as the baby sould hate to admit it, after the conception the man and the womans gravitation seemed to turn into the opposite physical phenomenon.
A hard task indeed. The baby soul knew it was going to be hard. Who said it would be easy with these two chosen for the parents?!
A real challenge, to bring the two together and to make them to let them be happy together after all.

/Olga Lissenkova/

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