Фестиваль "Амурская осень" Amur Autumn Cinema Forum  

In the pics:

What Lane liked most of all out of the local attractions was ... the artillery range.

Rodion Nakhapetov managed to quickly warm up the frozen foreigner

The actor went to Blagoveschensk after several wild days in Moscow. "Now I know everything about Russia!"

Lane Davies did not expect he had so many fans in the Far East


The cinema men who were invited to Blagoveschensk for the opening of the cinema forum "Amurskaya Osen''" (The Amur Autumn) had trouble with their flight. Many of the actors did not sleep for two days because of the time zones changing. But it was the overseas star Lane Davies ("Mason" from "Santa Barbara") who suffered the most. All the actor''s baggage was by mistake sent to Seul, and so Davies, in a light shirt, had to freeze in the icy wind. The local representatives of the Emergency Situations Ministry warmed up a brave Mason as they gave him a special rescuer''s jacket. And Rodion Nakhapetov, the director who worked with Davies in ''Force of One'', was saving his charge with hot tea and the traditional Russian bread ''karavaj''.

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