Lane Davies in Almaty, 2007  

Mason''s Return 10/04/07

Lane Davies will come to Almaty again to stage ''King Lear,'' Kazakhstan Newspaper ''Liter'' Says

Lane Davies has become well-known worldwide for the role of Mason in the soap opera "Santa Barbara."
Perhaps it was his brightest role in films, so the actor switched his attention on to the theatrical stage.
He''s decided to show his artistry in Kazakhstan, too, so, he may come back in the near future to stage a modern version of ''King Lear'' with Asanali Ashimov as the king.

Liter-WEEK (newspaper): What''s the role of Mason given you? Do you think it important for your career?

LD: First and foremost, this role gave me an opportunity to see the world, to visit different countries. Speaking of important roles, I think the theatre ones are more important for me, such as Hamlet, king Lear. I think of myself as of a theatre actor who also plays in films and on TV.

LW: Who of your SB colleagues are you in touch with?

LD: I keep in touch with Nancy Grahn, ''Julia'', also with A Martinez ''Cruz Castillio'', and, of course, Jed Allan, ''CC Capwell.''
As to the other characters, we seldom see each other.

LW: You''ve got two sons. Would you want them to connect their lives with the theatre or cinema as well?

LD: Both of them have taken part in the shows I have staged, but, speaking of the future, I do not think my elder son, Thatcher, would get busy with this kind of art. He''s learning to be an engineer and is not too keen on theatre and cinema. As to my junior, Nathan, I do pin such hopes on him. I think he will follow in my footsteps.

LW: You peform in the theatre almost every day, and do you like being a spectator at a first night?

LD: No, I like to work at the theatre more than I like being a spectator. Speaking of the performances I have been lucky to see lately, I''d mention specifically ''Othello'' in Moscow. I find it a very successful show. I should say that the Moscow actors'' playing was more based on intellect than any other qualities actors sometimes stress in shows. I would like to visit Kazakhstan theatres to enjoy your actors'' artistry, too.

LW: Don''t you want to bring your theatre to us for us to form our opinion of your company?

LD: We did discuss this opportunity with the EURASIA festival organizers. If it works out, next year we''ll bring ''Macbeth'' to Almaty.

LW: Lots of actors, having left Kazakhstan, come back again to realize their other projects...

LD: I''d like to come back, too, to stage a new, modern, Kazahkstan version of ''King Lear.'' For the role of the king in a national Kazakh hat, I''ve already invited Asanali Ashimov. He''s agreed but on one condition: if the show is in the Kazakh language.

Margo Erwand, the picture by ALexander Kantsedalov, Almaty

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