Nancy Lee Grahn On Lane Davies  


He''s an outrageous flirt, incredibly witty. He likes to give the impression that he''s distant, yet he''s very compassionate. I call him ''my knight'' because Lane''s from a different time period. He would fit in well in history''s more classical periods.

I have enormous respect for him and his talent. He has great depth of character as a human being. (, January 2006)

(the) funniest (partner) that would be Lane Davies. He has a dry wit, and is just so much fun to be with. () Our relationship was better than it ever had been in terms of relating as individuals. He was as nice, gentlemanly and gentle as I''ve ever known him to be. He was wonderful to be with, but the problem was the script. I don''t think there was any room in the script for anything else to happen.
My baby''s life was at risk, and I was psycho and he was playing somebody pushing buttons.
I didn''t see a love story there. If I missed something, it was my mistake. Lane was there because I requested him to be there. I need a partner like Lane but ''it'' wasn''t there. And too, I think he was disenchanted and frustrated. (GH times)

Because we''re different, you know. We anger each other more than two people. It''s a love-hate thing and people look at us like when are you two getting married. You know, because it''s that kind of movie type relationship where we, you know, one little thing can infuriate each other off like you wouldn''t believe. I''ll just say one thing. We know each other so well. We know how to push each other''s button. When you''re at a studio together for ten hours a day you get a little bored, so all of a sudden he''ll just go up to me and go. . .you know, then I''ll get enraged and the two of us are like not speaking to each other and then if I''m bored, I may go like that to him one day, it''s just very emotional fights and then they''re not and it''s a very full, wonderful relationship but we are not involved outside of the studio other than just friends. (SB times)

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